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We are millennials in the publishing industry who have curated some of the finest pocket friendly value for money publishing solutions. We have already been in your shoes, and thus we know the hardships you have faced and the solutions you are looking forward to. We provide highly customized publishing solutions after studying the requirements of your book. Be it in the terms of editing, designing, beta reading, marketing, offline distribution, events, PR & media, book tours; we have covered it all! If you believe you have written something amazing & exceptional, go ahead and explore how you can publish your book with us. We are looking to publish great content, and have kept no barriers whether monetary or otherwise.

We have introduced creativity in book publishing to unleash the writer in you, because we believe there is a writer out there hidden inside everyone and the right opportunity can help them showcase their talent to the world. We have thus introduced different writing challenges, by participating in which one can begin his/ her writing career with ease! We have thousands of happy writers who have participated in our challenges and have marked their debut as an author with these!

We believe that innovation and sustainable solutions are the need of the hour in our industry, and thus have brought initiatives noone has thought of before. We have introduced world’s first Green Publishing Model, in which the books are made from eco-friendly plantable paper!

We are also trying to bring back the charm of calligraphy and the rustic old school feel of handwritten books, and have thus introduced The Thought Journal. It’s a publishing mode in which you get to write a book in a journal provided by us and it is published in your very own handwriting!

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It is more than just publishing. It’s all what you are looking for!

Join us today and start curating with us. We are here with you at each step to help you publish your books and other content, to help you grow and reach out to your readers in ways they never imagined. Get in touch with us on connect@writersgram.in

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