Our Celebrated Authors

Prashant Sagar

Author of Fafoond

Born on a enchanting Christmas night in 1992 in Bihar’s Rasalpur village, Prashant Sagar’s journey was colored by his father’s role in the Bihar Revenue Service. Engineering led him to embrace India’s historical essence, culminating in UPSC success and a role in the Indian Revenue Service since 2019. Amidst these achievements, his quiet hobby of writing has blossomed into this very book, a testament to his contemplative spirit and literary dedication. Prashant is also a celebrated poet, charming hearts through his words, and curates the social media haven ‘Kitabganj‘.

Chanpreet Singh

Author of Ek Akela Ped

Chanpreet Singh, an actor, poet, and writer, casts a spell on both page and stage. His verses dance through San Francisco’s conferences, while his performances have left an indelible mark on American and Indian plays and films. Beyond the arts, Chanpreet’s insights shine as a director in a Silicon Valley consultancy, bridging creativity and corporate wisdom seamlessly. A true Renaissance spirit, he weaves inspiration across continents.

Madhavi Rao

Author of Untitled

Hailing from Bilaspur, CG, Madhavi Rao now thrives in Mumbai with her cat Frances. A writer, actor, and filmmaker, she weaves stories across mediums. An alumna of JGI-CMS and Whistling Woods International, her evolving persona defies labels. Her Instagram offers glimpses of her intriguing contradictions. Unfazed by compliments, she channels her complexity into crafting impressive narratives, aiming to dazzle herself, if not the world. Meet Madhavi Rao: where contradictions breed captivating creativity.

Chandra Tatvaraj

Author of Gratefully Dead

Discover the captivating artist Chandra Tatvaraj, a harmonious blend of Indian singer-songwriter, documentary filmmaker, and creative visionary. From fronting iconic rock bands in the 80s-90s to crafting critically acclaimed progressive rock albums, Chandra’s musical legacy is a testament to his passion. Beyond music, his influence extends to creative writing, media, and collaboration with esteemed organizations like WHO and the Government of India. Rooted in philosophy, science, and spirituality, Chandra resides in Hyderabad, serving as Chief Editor at Gyanam Content Writing Services, a Music Director, and a nurturing Trainer, leaving an inspiring mark on India’s creative landscape.

Dr. Sudarshan Mishra

Author of The Catalyst

Meet Dr. Sudarshan Mishra: Associate Professor of Plant Physiology, a literary virtuoso celebrated for his mastery in rewriting. Transitioning from a recovering realist to a fiction enthusiast, he intricately crafts tales of unfinished love stories. Driven by a conviction that he excels not as a good writer, but as a remarkable rewriter, his narratives seamlessly merge diverse elements. Adept researcher, persuasive public speaker, and active member of artistic groups, he fosters local talent. In academia and artistry, Dr. Mishra thrives as a dual force, entwining realism and fiction with finesse.

Dr. A. Raghu Kumar

Author of Gandhi: A hope in despair

Hailing from rural Rayalaseema, Dr. Raghu Kumar holds a Doctorate in Law and champions labor rights. Beyond legal practice, he educates trade unions and workers on labor laws, collaborating with esteemed organizations. As Director of the Centre for Critical Juridical Studies, Hyderabad, he redefines legal discourse. His engaging lectures on Gandhian philosophy, delivered to Telangana schools and colleges and through partnerships with the National Service Scheme, inspire transformative change. Dr. Kumar’s journey weaves rural beginnings, legal expertise, and societal impact into a tapestry of inspiration.

Paromita Bardoloi

Author of Forty Notes of Wisdom For Every Woman

Discover the multi-faceted talents of Paromita Bardoloi, a captivating wordsmith, a nurturing healer, and a mesmerizing spoken word maestro. With creative prowess that knows no bounds, she not only breathes life into her written works but also infuses healing energy into her artistry. As the visionary behind the heartwarming epistolary movement, “Letter From A Stranger, India,” and the inclusive gathering known as “Let’s Huddle, India,” Paromita weaves connections that transcend borders. Her vibrant spirit roams freely between the lush landscapes of Assam, the bustling heart of New Delhi, and the vibrant tapestry of Bangalore.

Moosa Saleem

Author of Murder Theory

Moosa Saleem, a creative savant born amidst the splendor of Jammu and Kashmir in 1993, is a visual effects virtuoso, acclaimed assistant director to luminaries like Vinod Chopra and Sajid Ali, and a cinematic trailblazer who crafted his debut feature at 20. With three evocative instrumental albums gracing MTV and VH1, two published books, and collaborations with global auteurs like Kujtim Çashku and Vishal Bhardwaj, Moosa’s artistry knows no bounds. Currently, his creative haven is Mumbai, where his multidimensional genius continues to redefine artistic frontiers.

Books our readers loved the most!​

While every book is unique, these are some which are loved the most by our readers!​

We take pride in our ability to publish in all Indian languages! From Telugu to Urdu, English to Hindi, Bengali to Gujarati, our team confidently handles each one with excellence. With our proficiency in Indian languages, we are able to reach a wider audience and make a significant impact in the Indian community.

Where do we stand currently!

1,000 + Titles

We have published 1,000+ titles across genres, including classics and bestsellers. Our commitment to quality and wide range of offerings ensure there is something for everyone.

5,000 + Writers

We’ve collaborated with 5,000+ writers of all ages and backgrounds, including children, students and professionals. Our experience speaks for our quality services.

Widest Distribution

Our books are present in all major online and offline retailers in 190+ countries. In India we have presence in all major cities in various offline and online bookstores and libraries.

Our Experience

We are one of the fastest growing publishing houses in the country, with over seven years of experience and diverse range of services and product offerings.

Our journey

Writersgram, a thriving publishing house today, began as a humble personal writing space in 2015. Our journey has been incredible, and we are proud to have fulfilled the dreams and aspirations of countless writers. Today, Writersgram has graduated into an empowering platform where words come to life, writers transform into authors, and authors thrive as entrepreneurs. Our story is one of passion, perseverance, and the unwavering belief that everyone has a story worth telling. At Writersgram, we’re all about unleashing your creativity and bringing your ideas to life! We believe in empowering you to pursue your dreams and aspirations, and we’re dedicated to providing a supportive space where you can do just that.

Writers love us, because

Value for money

We thrive in this fast paced industry because we provide value for money publishing solutions to writers. Our experience in helping you to curate your book, our commitment to provide quality services and transparency in pricing are few reasons why writers love us!

Innovation in publication

We have a culture of innovation in our publishing house, and we create new products and offerings for our writers. Green Books, Poetry Cards, Merchandise Publishing, Writing Challenges are some of the innovations done by us in Publishing Industry which have now become a trend amongst others.

Our in-house press

We are one of the select few publishers worldwide who have their in-house printing press, instead of dependency on third-parties. Due to this capacity, we are able to provide one of the highest qualities of book at most affordable pricing, thus beating the competition!

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