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"Thanks to Writersgram, your patience, unwavering support, and encouragement have been instrumental in bringing my dream to fruition. Your belief in me has been a source of strength throughout this process."
Rashmi Sharma
Author, Wellness Coach
"Thanks to God, because he created my publisher. Thanks to Writersgram for making this stupid mind draft turn into something real."
Dr. Sudershan Mishra
Author, Academician
"Thanks to Writersgram for taking arduous efforts to publish my book on the targeted time!"
Aloke Kumar Chattoraj
Author, Entrepreneur, 5S Expert

Get Started In Less Than 60 Seconds • Fulfill Your Lifelong Dream Today

So, Why A Book?

Let’s face it – writing without publishing a book is just like building a store in the middle of a desert without a single road leading to it.

Noone knows it is there, noone can reach it, it can’t help you, or anyone else.

That’s Where Writersgram Comes In.

Aspiring Authors – a transformative writing and publishing program spearheaded by Writersgram’s visionary founder, Mr. Deepanshu Gupta, helps you in your writer’s journey, guiding you from crafting and refining your manuscript to navigating the publishing landscape and sharing your work with the world.

Our Aspiring Authors Program Is The Secret To Your Success

Writing and Publishing a book is the difference between the millions of writers that noone knows about, and the 0.001% whom we know!

Before Writing & Publishing A Book

After Writing & Publishing A Book

Are You Ready To Feel The Opposite Of Sadness?

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Get Started In Less Than 60 Seconds • Fulfill Your Lifelong Dream Today

Writersgram Helps You To Write And Publish

What began as a personal quest to publish his own book in 2017 has blossomed into something far greater than Deepanshu could have imagined. Writersgram has transcended its origins as a mere publishing house, evolving into a beacon of support and empowerment for aspiring authors everywhere.

Deepanshu’s early struggles as a writer illuminated the glaring gaps in the publishing industry, inspiring him to forge a new path. With unwavering determination, he laid the foundation for Writersgram—a publishing house created by a writer, for writers.

At Writersgram, we intimately understand the challenges faced by aspiring authors because we’ve walked in your shoes. Our core ethos revolves around rectifying the pitfalls encountered on the authorial journey. That’s why our services are designed to be accessible, affordable, and of the highest quality. We believe in inclusivity, ensuring that every writer’s voice has the opportunity to be heard and celebrated.

You Should Join Our Aspiring Authors Program If...

You Want To Increase Your Income

You Want To Share Your Knowledge

You Want To Achieve Personal Growth

You Want To Leave A Legacy

You Want To Bring A Change

You Want To Build Authority

You Want To Transform Your Business

You Want To Be Happy

Get Started In Less Than 60 Seconds • Fulfill Your Lifelong Dream Today

Here’s what all you get in the Aspiring Authors Program!

Discovery Phase

Writing Phase


Post Publishing

Get Started In Less Than 60 Seconds • Fulfill Your Lifelong Dream Today

Our Numbers Speak For Themselves!


Years of Operation


Dreams Fulfilled


Books Published


Strong Community

But Beware!
Unlike Others, We Are Not...

Saying that you can write and publish a book in 3 days…or,

Saying that you can become a bestselling author in 3 hours…or,

Saying that you can get rich quick by this…

What We Guarantee Is...

Your words turned into a manuscript and published into your own individual book

Ongoing support throughout the journey to help you navigate the challenges

Timely project delivery and a collaborative approach throughout the process.

Get Started In Less Than 60 Seconds • Fulfill Your Lifelong Dream Today

We Understand You May Have Some Questions!

You are in great luck, since by joining this program you will not only receive one-on-one mentorship from us, but will also end up having your own book published with us.

By joining our program, you can fulfill your dream of getting published since we will be providing you not only assistance in fine-tuning your manuscript, but also publishing it and bringing it out in the market.

We have worked with writers who write across different languages and genres. We support all English and all Indian Languages. We have published books in all genres including Fiction, Non-Fiction, Poetry, Textbooks, Self-Help, Business Books, Children’s Books, etc.

We are charging a fee of Rs. 2,500 for the entire program. You do not need to pay anything else. Everything from helping you with writing and publishing your book is covered in this.

Writing a book and then publishing it takes time. With our experience of publishing over a 1,000 books we understand that a lot of time and effort goes into this craft. Do not believe someone if they tell you that you can do it in just 3 days or 3 hours. Typically, the program duration lasts anything from 1-3 months, however it may vary as per your current stage of writing.

This is a one-on-one mentorship which will be provided to you. It will remain in the form of phone calls, zoom calls, emails and text messages as required.

Every minute you delay and keep thinking is every minute you deny yourself of the happiness and success this program is going to bring you. We have very limited slots available in the current time-frame due to the nature of the program. The sooner you register, the sooner we can start with your journey. We will be putting the registrations on hold from 27th April 2024.

Within every individual, I envision a dormant writer waiting to awaken. Some confine their words to the secrecy of old notebooks, tucked away in forgotten drawers, while others dare to share their stories with the world. With Writersgram, my mission is clear: to offer unparalleled guidance and a robust platform to all writers, empowering them to unlock their dreams and unleash their full potential.
Deepanshu Gupta
Founder, Writersgram

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