Your Handwritten Book!

At Writersgram we strive to bring out innovative products and services for our writing community and here we are with The Thought Journal. It’s a journal in which you will pen down your thoughts as poetry, musings, stories & quotes and we will be publishing it as your handwritten book! Yes, your handwritten book!

What exactly is The Thought Journal?

The Thought Journal is a journal, a blank canvas, consisting of 100 pages, divided into 4 sections in which you can write your thoughts in different forms; poetry, musings, stories & quotes. Once you finish writing, all you need to do is to send it to us and we will be publishing it as your handwritten book! It will be just like any other book, but it will be special because it will be in your handwriting, something that has never happened before! So, don’t let your writings remain confined to your notebooks and diaries. Sign up for The Thought Journal project and take a step ahead to publish them as your handwritten book!

Here’s what all you get!

A beautiful journal

We will send you a journal, having 100 pages, divided into 4 sections for poetry, musings, stories & quotes! You have to write these using your pen, literally penning down your thoughts!

Book publishing

Your Thought Journal will be published in the form of your handwritten book by us. It will be like any other book, in a paperback format, having 100 pages of what you have written with your hand! Our team of expert designers will curate a beautiful book out of your Thought Journal, and the author will be you!

Distribution on Amazon

Your Thought Journal, once turned into a book, will be sold on Amazon by us!

100% royalty & copyrights

You will retain full copyrights to your work. You will have complete flexibility to decide the selling price of your book, and you will be getting 100% of the profits on sales as royalty, every month!

Author copies & certificates

We will send you a Certificate of Publication alongwith your author copy of the book. We will also send you bookmarks made from eco-friendly plantable paper, as a part of our sustainable publishing initiatives.

Marketing & promotions

The Thought Journal is first of its kind initiative in the whole world. It will be widely promoted alongwith the books published as a part of it. We will also be sharing various posters and marketing techniques with you alongwith advanced marketing assistance.

The Process!

The entire project is a three step process. Step 1, you need to sign up and purchase your thought journal. Step 2, you need to write down your thoughts and fill up your journal. Once you fill it up, you need to send the same to us! Step 3, we will be publishing it as your book. Step 4, together we will promote and market it!