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Are you a passionate writer eager to see your literary dreams come to life? QuickReads is here to transform your words into published works of art. 🖋️QuickReads is a book publishing offer by us in which you can publish your book for just Rs. 500.

Why Choose QuickReads?

🌟 Diverse Genres & Languages: Express yourself in any language and any genre. Whether it’s poetry, stories, quotes, non-fiction, articles, or a fusion of these creative forms, QuickReads celebrates your unique voice.

📖 Up to 150 Pages: Craft your masterpiece within the confines of 150 pages. We believe that impactful storytelling can be concise and powerful.

🔧 Comprehensive Publishing Services: Say goodbye to the technical hassles. We take care of it all – ISBN number allocation, captivating interior and cover design, top-notch printing, and hassle-free distribution.

🌐 Wide Reach: Your words deserve a global audience. QuickReads ensures your book reaches readers far and wide. It’s available in both paperback and eBook formats and distributed on major platforms like Amazon, Flipkart, and more!

💰 100% Author Royalties: Your hard work should be rewarded. At QuickReads, you receive 100% of the profits as royalties. Your success is our success.

🤝 Dedicated Publishing Manager: We understand that publishing can be daunting. That’s why QuickReads provides you with a dedicated publishing manager who will guide you through every step of the process, ensuring your journey is smooth and successful.

Register Now, Publish Later: Not quite ready to publish? No worries! Register now to secure your spot and take advantage of our special discount. You can submit your manuscript for publishing whenever you’re ready, and still avail of the discount!

📆 Limited Registration: Time is of the essence! We have limited spots available for registration, and the window closes on September 10th, 2023. Seize this golden opportunity to become a published author.

✍️ Join the QuickReads Family: Unleash your creativity, share your stories, and connect with fellow authors. We’re more than a self-publishing platform; we’re a community of wordsmiths passionate about storytelling.

📚 Register now to secure your spot! 🖋️ Your words are waiting to be shared with the world. Join QuickReads and embark on your self-publishing journey today.

📖🌍 QuickReads – Where Words Become Books, Dreams Become Realities! 🌟

Hurry up! Registrations close today!

Please note that there are no other charges to be paid. Everything mentioned above comes at the price of just Rs. 500.

Our commitment to language diversity, excellence in publication, and extensive outreach sets us apart. We proudly publish in all Indian languages, ensuring our books resonate with a wide and diverse audience. Our catalogue boasts over 1,000 titles, spanning classics to bestsellers, catering to every literary taste. Collaborating with 5,000+ writers from diverse backgrounds, including children, students, and professionals, underscores our dedication to fostering creativity.

Our books aren’t limited by borders; they’re available in 190+ countries through major online and offline retailers. Within India, our presence extends to all major cities, encompassing an array of bookstores and libraries. With seven years of experience and a comprehensive suite of services, we’re among the country’s fastest-growing publishing houses. Thank you for considering us as your literary partner on your journey to success. 📚🌍🚀

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