Swimming in new waters by Sanjana Parekh

I came across this writing challenge on Instagram and unlike every other time, I decided to take it up, take this opportunity to begin this journey of becoming a writer. I had been talking about pursuing writing for a long time but the thought of failing made me delay every step. This book will be the first in many steps that I will take in the process of becoming a writer and I hope to see this as a successful endeavor. This challenge actually helped me commit to the one thing I dream of strongly and want to discover as a reality. I haven’t followed a particular theme while writing these poems, I just went with what came to me everyday. These poems are part of my thoughts, fantasies and even reality. I don’t know if I have what it takes to be a poet, all I know is I want to be one. This book has stirred up so many new emotions, expectations and hopes. This challenge and writing all these poems have made me learn what I lacked and still do and how I can combat and overcome my shortcomings in the process. I wouldn’t say all these poems resemble my soul because it is my first attempt, but I hope they do. I always wrote down my thoughts, short plots, poems as a hobby in my little diaries until this book happened to me. This is a new territory for me and I am still an explorer who is here, learning new skills. Some of my poems here talk about what I think of the universe, the questions about future, being lost beginning and even learning. I am still a learner and will probably always remain one. Every day, for twenty-five days, I sat, I pondered and I wrote. I haven’t witnessed myself being so dedicated for a long time. I don’t know if I have found myself, I am skeptical about the concept itself! Writing these poems helped me open my mind to accepting new possibilities and rising above the fear of failure and rejection, even if this feeling is temporary, I am really grateful for the opportunity.


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