A New Beginning by Aakanksha K. Gad

Collection of small poetries is a journey of the author from being introvert to slowly opening up her feelings, from sitting silently to now asking people their wellbeing, she is changing! In these poems you may find that the author truly respects and stays positive in every aspect of her life. She will make you meet with some verses of love, some lines of devotion, some dark aspects of life, some may make you cry, some poems while reading the scene would get reflected in front of you and you would get lost in it. There are many beautiful things present around us we just need to see them, adore them, nurture them and always cherish them. There may be some ups and downs in each of our lives but to stay happy and stay positive in each aspect of life is the only way to be successful. The Almighty has blessed us with everything and we all should be very thankful to Him. Let’s see this world in a new perspective and spread positivity around us. And to celebrate these positive vibes let’s read these poems written in free-verse.


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