Publish Eco-Friendly Plantable Books

At Writersgram we believe in innovation with sustainability, and thus have introduced Green Books. These books can be reused after reading to grow beautiful plants since we make them with plantable paper. The best part is that they are 100% handmade and help us in supporting local artisans.

What exactly are these Green Books?

Under our Green Publishing initiative, we have introduced Green Books. Green Books are just like your normal, regular books with a few changes which make them eco-friendly and help us give back to the environment. The book covers are made from plantable paper which can be later used to grow plants. The reader, after reading the book, can tear off a part from the cover (a small part of the cover would be marked for this like in the above image), plant it in the soil and it will grow like any other plant. The plantable paper works as seed, since it is made from recycled paper and seeds. We currently have basil and marigold available.  To add to the green initiative, we have collaborated with some local artisans who produce these books in a totally handmade manner without using any electricity/ diesel run machines for cutting and binding. Thus, when you publish and your readers purchase a green book, you not only give back to the environment, but also help us to support the local artisans.

The Green Publishing Plan

ISBN & Barcode: ISBN & Barcode is allotted to the book as issued by Raja Rammohun Roy National Agency for ISBN, Department of Higher Education Ministry of Human Resource Development, Government of India.

Format of book: We publish your book in softcover format which is totally handmade by local artisans. The book can be of upto 50 pages. This means, you can have upto 100 quotes, or 50 poems or 20 short stories in the book. The size of the book is 4 x 6 inches.

Book Interior Design: We offer flexibility in terms of interior layouts and elements like images, tables, illustrations can be included inside the book.

Book Cover Design: The cover page is designed by us after taking into consideration the ideas of the author which is further developed by our marketing & design teams. We provide 3 cover options to choose from, which are created after working closely on the idea you have in mind.

Revisions: Unlimited rounds of revision of content are allowed before the book gets published. Revisions after the book gets published are chargeable.

Printing & Inventory: We offer unlimited inventory support (book never runs out of stock) due to print on demand technology.

Distribution: In the Indian domestic market, the book is sold on Amazon & Flipkart.

Royalty: Royalty equal to 100% of the profits on sale of each copy is provided to the author. Author is given the option to fix the selling price & profit amount. Royalty payments are made on 45-60 day period basis.

Complimentary Copies: 5 complimentary copies are provided to the author. Additional copies are always available at printing cost itself to the author.

But, we are publishing a few authors currently!

Currently we are offering these prices and this green book publishing offer only to 100 writers on a first come first serve basis, till 25th September 2021. To get your books published under Green Books model and avail these discounted prices, you can register with us, sign the publishing agreement and send us the manuscript once it gets ready! Valid only for first 100 writers till 25th September, 2021.We will close the registrations for publishing under this mode after that.