December Diary is a 25 days writing challenge in which you have to challenge yourself to write each day! At the end of the month, we will publish your content as your individual book!

All the writers who register for the challenge will be provided with a form in which they will have to send their writings. There are no restrictions on the language, length, theme of the poem. You can even write in different languages on different days. You can write in English, Hindi, Urdu, Marathi, Gujarati, Punjabi, Bengali, Kannada, Malayalam or any other language.

The first December Diary Writing Challenge was hosted in December 2020, which received a phenomenal participation. This challenge provided a lot of people an opportunity to express themselves, sum up their entire year in a book and feel the essence of being an author. December Diary has been a stepping stones of many people’s journey from a writer to an author. Over 500 books got published under this challenge in its first edition, thousand of copies got sold and our authors earned lakhs of rupees in royalties.

The registrations for the next December Diary Writing Challenge have started.

Here are some details about the challenge

How it works?

The first step is to register yourself for the writing challenge. Once you register, you will receive a participation form in which you need to submit your entry at the end of 25 days from the date of your registration. You can write on a particular theme/ topic or can combine various themes/ topics. Similarly, you can write poems, stories, quotes or any other form of writing which you may prefer. Also, there are no restrictions on the language of the content. You can write in any language and in multiple languages too. The word limits for the entire content you write in 25 days is 25 (minimum) to 100 (maximum) pages of a book (5 x 8 inches) which typically means 5,000-20,000 words.

Once you have completed writing your content, you need to submit it via the participation form we will send to you. Upon that, we will review your content and proceed with the publication process.

The publication process

We have created a separate publication team for December Diary writing challenge 2022, to ensure faster & timely delivery of the project. This team will help you throughout the publication process by phone & email support. Once you submit your content, you will be asked to select a sample for the interior and cover layouts of your book. As per your selection, our team will design the complete files of your book and send you for review. At this stage, you will be allowed to make minor corrections in the files. Afterwards, the book will be sent for printing & distribution.

Printing & distribution

Once your book’s files are ready, a copy of the book will be printed and sent to you as complimentary alongwith a certificate of publication to celebrate your literary achievement. At the same time, it will also be listed on Amazon India, Flipkart India and Amazon Kindle for sale. It will thus be available as both a paperback and eBook. We follow a print on demand model for printing of books to ensure your book never runs out of stock.

Royalty & sales reporting

We have created an author dashboard on our website to provide you post publishing support and important details such as royalty & sales reporting. At the time of finalisation of book’s files, you will be shared a pricing sheet using which you can select the selling price of the book and the royalty per copy sold that you will earn. We provide a royalty equal to 100% of the net profit on every unit sold. All the sales reporting will be made via the author dashboard and royalty payments will be deposited in your bank account.

Promotions & marketing

To help you understand how to promote your book and to provide you the correct tools to reach out to a large audience, we will be sharing our book marketing guide which has been developed especially to help new authors to grasp a market for their books. Alongwith this, we will be providing promotional posters to help you promote the book and will be putting them up on our social media and extended marketing channels to increase the visibility of your book.

The last date to register is 25th December, 2021. Register today & start writing in India’s biggest writing challenge!

Hi, here are some FAQs for December Diary Challenge. These will resolve your queries:

Q. What are the charges?

A. Charges are Rs. 1,999 and nothing else is to be paid thereafter for publishing or anything else. There are no hidden costs.

Q. Topic/ theme/ language?

A. You can write on any theme, any topic, any language of your choice. On different days you can write on different themes/ topics/ languages.

Q. Where and how to write?

A. You can write anywhere and later compile your work in a MS Word document to send to us. If you are unable to complete within 25 days, you will be provided with extra time to complete your writings.

Q. About the book

A. You can select title, cover etc of book. Copyrights will be with you. A royalty equal to 100% of profits from sale of book will be given to you as a standard practice of our publication house.

Q. Selection criteria? Publishing is guaranteed?

A. Each participant who completes the challenge will get their individual book published.

Q. I don’t live in India, can I participate?

A. Yes, you can participate from anywhere in the world.