At Writersgram, we have made book publishing easier, affordable and more valuable than ever. Our no-nonsense publishing plan offers you exactly what you require and cuts out what you don’t. Our experience in the industry, working with countless writers, authors, professionals has helped us curate the perfect plan you require as an author.

What all do we publish?

We publish books in English, Hindi, Gujarati, Marathi and all other prominent Indian languages. We publish fiction, non-fiction, poetry, textbooks, biographies, comics, children’s books, academic & reference books, thesis and much more! We work with individual writers, communities, organisations, schools, colleges & NGOs.

Publishing process!

We have a very simple five step publishing process! It takes away all the discomfort and pain one may experience during book publishing and helps the writer to publish their books with ease.

Step 1: Publishing plan & consultation – This is the very beginning of your publishing journey with us. Start by going through our publishing plan and booking a consultation. In this step we will guide you what is best suited for you and your book, and the level of services you need to opt for, thus bringing a value for money proposition for you!

Step 2: Manuscript submission & review – Once you finalise the plan you require, we will ask you to share your manuscript with us. Our editorial board reviews your manuscript to provide you a critical feedback. Depending upon the same, you can opt to further edit and improvise the manuscript.

Step 3: Publishing work – Here our teams work upon your manuscript to turn it into a book! Be it the editing, cover designing, interior layouts, beta reading or ISBN number allocation, everything is covered and done here!

Step 4: Review & release planning – Once we deliver the designed files of your book to you, you get an unlimited rounds of review to make changes to the same (not one, not two, unlimited). The price of your book is finalised in this step and release planning is also done.

Step 5: Final release & marketing – Now that everything is ready, we send your book to our printing units for production, and launch your book on the platforms like Amazon, Flipkart, Google Play Books, Kindle etc. We create and execute a comprehensive marketing plan for your book, depending upon what all you selected in Step 1.

Introducing the no-nonsense publishing plan!

In today’s changing dynamics and invent of a publishing house at every nook and corner, writers are dealing with a big problem – whether to choose bronze package or silver package, basic package or advanced package, blue package or red package, this or that package! We are finally putting an end to this by introducing you to our no-nonsense publishing plan, we will offer you everything you require but nonsense!

The following table will help you understand the publishing plan better:

ISBN number allocationEvery book we publish has a unique ISBN number (International Standard Book Number) & its barcode, obtained from RRNA, MHRD, Govt. of India. It is essential for a book to have this number in order to have a unique identity.
Designing of the bookThis includes setting up the interior layouts of your book and the cover page designs. We develop the designs after discussion with the ideas author may have and thereby offering complete control & flexibility. The best part is that we offer unlimited rounds of reviews in terms of modifications to these designs.
Printing, sales & distributionWe follow a print on demand model for order fulfilment. We sell & distribute books via Amazon, Flipkart & Google Play Books! We also offer international distribution & Amazon Kindle availability.
Royalty, selling price & author copiesOnce the book is ready, we provide a formula to the author to calculate the selling price of their book. We provide 100% of the profits on sales as royalty to the author. Both, the royalty amount & the selling price, are calculated by the authors themselves, thus ensuring complete transparency. We provide 10 complimentary copies to the author.
Basic online marketingTo give a kickstart to the book, we provide a basic 30 days amplification to the book, which includes sharing posters on social media, a giveaway campaign and an author interview!
It’s all what you need!The services we discussed above are all what a writer in 21st century requires to publish and bring out his/ her book in the market. These are all essential things without which a book cannot be published, yet the most basic ones too! By opting for these services only, you can give your book a great start and live your dream of becoming an author!
The no-nonsense plan!

We have not kept multiple pricing levels or anything else to choose from! This is all you need to publish your book! And we are offering this for INR 12,000 (all inclusive)from Submission to Amazon in 13 days! *Just like any other business, we have added an asterisk here to remind you that there are terms & conditions which may apply to this timeline of 13 days.

But wait, there’s more!

Every book is different and so is every writer! Each book develops in its own way, taking its own sweet time. There’s no perfect recipe for a book’s success story, but we do offer some other key ingredients which might help you along the journey!

Apart from the essentials we discussed above, we also offer other book publishing & related services including but not limited to – content & copy editing, digitization of handwritten manuscripts, offline distribution of books in book stores & libraries, PR & Media campaigns, targeted marketing & author branding to name a few!

Don’t wait anymore! Join us today in our journey alongwith our 1000+ authors and million readers! To get your book published with us, fill out the form below! We’ll contact you and have you on board!