What is 59 minutes poetry publishing?

This is the world’s one and only interactive publishing program, especially designed for poets to help them become authors in just 59 minutes. From submission of your content to it getting published and becoming available for sale, it will take only 59 minutes under this program.

Publishing Requirements!

You can register if,

  • You are a poet
  • You write quotes and/ or poems
  • You write in English and/ or Hindi
  • You are ready to submit 25 quotes or poems*
  • You want to become an author and earn from your poetry

* Some more information about content: You can submit 25 quotes or poems. These can be either newly written or existing ones. They can be either in English or in Hindi. There is no problem if some of them are previously published elsewhere. They can be on any theme/ topic etc. Poems can be of maximum 10-12 lines and quotes of maximum 4-6 lines.

What will you be getting?

We are here to redefine how poetry is published and read in this country! For that, we have changed the form in which it is presented. We have curated a new product, tried and tested it and it has received a lot of love from the writers and the readers! Presenting, Poetards!

Poetry is beautiful, and so should be the form it is presented in. It is meant to be cherished, loved and savored! Thus, we created Poetards! Poetards, is nothing but a collection of your poems/ quotes in the form of these beautiful cards. These cards are crafted from high grade paper, and precision cut in this form!

So, you’ll be getting,

  • Your poems/ quotes published in the form of poetards
  • It’ll be available for sale via amazon.in
  • You’ll get 100% royalty on each unit sold
  • All the rights of the content will remain with you
  • You will receive 1 complimentary copy of your collection

The 59 Minutes Publishing Process!

Here is how we will do this!

Once you register, you will be contacted by us to complete certain formalities and submit your content. You do not need to prepare any word documents for this, the submission process is as easy as sending a text message.

Next, we will ask you to choose the design of your collection based on pre-existing templates we have created. Once you select the design, we will prepare the entire collection.

After this, we will send your collection for printing. We have a dedicated in house production facility for this.

Once we have a copy ready, we will pack it for shipment to your address.

Afterwards, the collection will be listed on Amazon, and will be promoted by us on social media!

This entire process will take upto 59 minutes, turning you into an author from a poet!

You can register by clicking the button below!

Please note that registration charges are Rs. 2,999, and registrations will close on 10th December 2022! Currently you can get a discount of 50% using code WELCOMEFIFTY.